Thinking of switching to natural beauty? Read this before you decide!

Switching from regular beauty products to natural ones, may seem like an easy task.  But really, where on earth do you start? Which products do you get rid of? Which products do you keep? And which products do you buy?

With a cupboard full of products containing ingredients you can’t even pronounce (let alone know what they mean), stores full of hundreds of different products to choose form and an endless amount of information on the internet, it can be quite an overwhelming process to say the least.

This is why we have compiled some tips for you to read, before making the switch!

Ask yourself: “Why am I making the switch?”

The first step is to think about why you want to make the switch to natural beauty products in the first place.

Is it because you simply want to be healthier or more conscious of the products you are putting on your skin? Do you want to support brands that are cruelty free and vegan? Do you think it will be better for the environment?  Or perhaps your skin has been breaking out in a rash due to an allergy?

Your answer will help determine your choice of natural beauty products.

Your skin is not only your largest organ but also absorbs everything you put on it.  Detox your beauty routine by swapping out chemically laden skin care and body products for those with natural, plant-based ingredients.

At Bare Skin Care we feel a strong responsibility to our furry friends which is why we only support brands that are cruelty free. Many of our products are also vegan which means they have no animal-derived ingredients.

If your skin is breaking out in a rash, you may first need to determine which ingredient you are allergic too, so you know which ingredient to look out for and avoid.

Get to know the labels and product ingredients

Like many of us, reading labels of beauty products (or any products for that matter), prior to purchasing them, is an unfamiliar habit.  If you’re thinking about switching to natural, you need to start developing this habit!

Why?  Because that jumble of unpronounceable words all actually mean something and how can you possibly make an informed decision, when you don’t know what something means?

Reading labels and becoming familiar with common nasties in beauty products, can help you make informed decisions on which products to buy and which products not to buy.

Need a little help along the way?

We have compiled a list of some handy tools to help you differentiate the good, the bad and the ugly!

This website provides lists of cruelty free and/or vegan brands.

PETA provides a list of animal-derived ingredients lists – Perfect if you’re looking for Vegan products!

A list of chemicals of concern and other information is available here.

Helping you get to know what’s in your beauty products.

From there, you will begin to gain an understanding of ingredients, which ones are toxic and which ones you are or aren’t comfortable having on your skin.

Not only that, you will also get to know which brands feel strongly for our furry friends by being Vegan and/or cruelty free.

At Bare Skin Care, we make it easy for you to buy natural, cruelty free and organic skin care, body care and beauty products that are safe to use and nourishing for the body.

Thinking you might be ready to make the switch?  Look out for our next blog, on how to make the switch once you’ve decided to make it!

{Pic: Tahnee Atkinson}

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