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Ready to make the switch to natural beauty products? Here’s how!

In our last blog post , we provided you with some tips on what to do before deciding to make the switch to natural beauty products.  From asking yourself why, to getting to know the labels and products and we shared some awesome websites to help guide you along the way. Now it’s time we share […]

Thinking of switching to natural beauty? Read this before you decide!

Switching from regular beauty products to natural ones, may seem like an easy task.  But really, where on earth do you start? Which products do you get rid of? Which products do you keep? And which products do you buy? With a cupboard full of products containing ingredients you can’t even pronounce (let alone know […]

Want to keep your skin soft this Autumn? Here’s how!

Certainly, we’re not the only ones who are sad to say that it’s that time of the year – The time to say goodbye to summer and hello to autumn. Not only will the season change see us missing the hot sun on our skin, the ocean breeze in our hair, and the sand in […]

Benefits of Hydrating Mists

What are hydrating face mists and why use them?  Mists are perfect for soothing, re-hydrating and revitalising your skin and also play an important role in preparing your skin for the treatment benefits of hydrating cremes, serums and moisturiser. Mists are a versatile item that can be used in many different ways as part of […]